Buried or planted?

This message appeared in my private group 🌺Forever Flowers🌳 today and it made me think about how we feel when things in life get difficult or challenging. Buried or planted

The reality is that life is constantly changing. Sometimes the sun can be shining so brightly we need to wear shades and at others it can suddenly darken and feel like we have literally been buried. Unable to breathe or see a way out.

I am currently looking at how I help people and it hit me this week how dark things can be when someone reaches my ‘New Dawn garden room’. I have had people who have been recommended to see me years before and it took them all that time to A. Be ready and B. Be brave enough to step through the doors both virtual (online or over the telephone) or face to face. Just think if they hadn’t remained stuck and in what seemed like an impossible situation and left it sooner?

Tending gardenIt is always my mission to ensure they feel as comfortable as possible and quickly they can see a glimmer of sunlight in the distance. Of course, if we think of it in terms of being planted rather than buried it puts a whole different perspective on it as challenging times can often ultimately help us to ultimately grow.

It’s so important to find the right support and help. After what I call my Discovery session I always make sure they find the RIGHT path with the right person or organisation to help them find the way out of the dark and into the sunshine again. A team effort, a whole bunch of flowers and organisations are out there to help in so many different ways!

My aim is ALWAYS that we grow and stay strong in any weather and we do this by them learning what we NEED to flourish. It is so beneficial for future times when things get a little stormy. I am always on hand to provide a little baby bio boost and of course being part of my group I hope gives regular reminders to keep boosting your own ‘gardens’ (lives).

My ultimate goal is they eventually leave 🌺BLOOMING🌺 or in the case of the guys 🌳MATURING🌳.

Can you remember a time when you felt you were buried when you were actually being planted? 

Julie x

Julie Sunflower

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