The Rose and the Wine!

The Rose and the Wine!

I received this picture shortly after a talk I gave to a woman in business lunch being run by the Herts Chamber of Commerce in the UK and it has set me thinking.

As many of you know I go on about the importance of ‘Watering YOU’ and I often get people jokingly saying, ‘does that include wine’? My answer is always ‘YES’!


Interestingly, when we are overwhelmed, or things are becoming challenging in our lives we will often reach for things that comfort us and this can lead to drinking alcohol to excess; eating too much food (or too little) and maybe reaching for recreational illegal drugs.

They help for a moment to avoid the pain; avoid the mess on the ‘garden path’ that faces us but of course we then end up with an even bigger problem with maybe a reactive addiction or disorder.

When I spoke last week, I mentioned that the work I do is a kind of reverse psychology. By teaching people to understand what they NEED physically; mentally; emotionally and spiritually they are more able to retain balance even when the most terrible things happen in life.

EXAMPLE: The talk on November 8th coincided with the anniversary of my beloved husband Rob’s death. I didn’t mention this for impact or for people to feel sorry for me I mentioned it because even before; during and after his death I made sure I was well ‘watered’. This included continuing with weekly counselling through the dialysis unit at the hospital; taking actual time off work; beginning to exercise again. I basically ensured I took good care of ME and the testament to this was that I was able to stand strong in front of them and do the job I love. It would have been so easy to stay rooted under my duvet and drink myself into oblivion to blot out the agony of watching my husband slowly die.

Of course sometimes I have reached for more than one bottle of wine or eaten way too many kettle chips but I always come back to the knowledge that by giving my body what it needs my mind, emotions and spirit remain strong and the journey is a much happier one.

Rob always bought me pink roses and I gave each of the 54 people listening to my talk a pink rose to take home. My way of giving them a lasting memory of the importance of my overriding message: ‘What waters YOU’?

So, are YOU eating or drinking a bit too much? What do YOU need to remain strong and get the balance back into YOUR life?

Julie x

Buried or planted?

This message appeared in my private group 🌺Forever Flowers🌳 today and it made me think about how we feel when things in life get difficult or challenging. Buried or planted

The reality is that life is constantly changing. Sometimes the sun can be shining so brightly we need to wear shades and at others it can suddenly darken and feel like we have literally been buried. Unable to breathe or see a way out.

I am currently looking at how I help people and it hit me this week how dark things can be when someone reaches my ‘New Dawn garden room’. I have had people who have been recommended to see me years before and it took them all that time to A. Be ready and B. Be brave enough to step through the doors both virtual (online or over the telephone) or face to face. Just think if they hadn’t remained stuck and in what seemed like an impossible situation and left it sooner?

Tending gardenIt is always my mission to ensure they feel as comfortable as possible and quickly they can see a glimmer of sunlight in the distance. Of course, if we think of it in terms of being planted rather than buried it puts a whole different perspective on it as challenging times can often ultimately help us to ultimately grow.

It’s so important to find the right support and help. After what I call my Discovery session I always make sure they find the RIGHT path with the right person or organisation to help them find the way out of the dark and into the sunshine again. A team effort, a whole bunch of flowers and organisations are out there to help in so many different ways!

My aim is ALWAYS that we grow and stay strong in any weather and we do this by them learning what we NEED to flourish. It is so beneficial for future times when things get a little stormy. I am always on hand to provide a little baby bio boost and of course being part of my group I hope gives regular reminders to keep boosting your own ‘gardens’ (lives).

My ultimate goal is they eventually leave 🌺BLOOMING🌺 or in the case of the guys 🌳MATURING🌳.

Can you remember a time when you felt you were buried when you were actually being planted? 

Julie x

Julie Sunflower

The rose beyond the wall

I came into my ‘New Dawn garden room’ this morning and an email appeared in front of me. It was from Helen Waller who I have commissioned to illustrate the jacket of my 2nd book.

I have been a little bit quiet for the past few months finishing writing the copy of my 2nd book ‘When a favourite flower dies in your garden’.

It went to edit last week and the exciting bit now starts for me as my words are inspiring Helen to first sketch then paint the back and front cover. Her work has of course become synonymous with my brand and I know the next jacket will add a new dimension and depth to my work.

This book creates the 2nd in what will eventually be a 6 boxed set of Life gardening gift books. Life here on earth gives us experiences that we need to navigate in a healthy way and I hope my words contribute positively to your journey. It’s my goal to provide a whole series that people can select when they need a bit of direction and inspiration.

This one is for people who have lost a loved one and it is my hope that it helps a little on the journey that is grief.

I can’t wait to share this piece of work with the world – it’s taken 3 years to get here and I know you will understand why I have been a little bit quiet.

I can’t share the new illustration yet but I thought I would share the incredible work Helen created for me in 2012 (there is a little clue in the title of this short blog).

Warm wishes to everyone x


Ps: The little girl in the picture was reading a from ‘Who are the flowers in your garden’ at my book launch with forever flower Annette O’Donnell


Love Makes The World Go Round

Love makes the world go round!

This is a phrase that resonates very strongly with me.

I know what it feels like to be in a relationship where my needs are completely met; where I feel totally safe; secure and loved inside and out by a partner. I also know what it is like for that loving relationship to become one of anxiety and mistrust as my 1st marriage ended in 2003 after 17 years.

My relationship with Rob was based on complete trust and being loved by him made my world complete.

When he died my world eventually stopped turning. The man who had become the central figure in my life and also that of my children was gone. However tough things got for us with Rob’s health we always had the ability to laugh and inspired many by our positive attitude to life.

One of the nurses who wasn’t able to attend Rob’s funeral wrote to me expressing how he and I inspired her to see life in a different way and how love really does make the world go round.

We ALL need to feel loved and loving support remains a fundamental requirement to good health throughout the world.

I talk about like being like a garden and in recent years since Rob’s death I have realised that when someone dies they will ALWAYS be in your garden. They have merely gone to another part of it.

‘Do you have enough Loving Support in your life’?