Coaching with Julie


Discovery Session Butterfly

When you are ready this is the perfect start to a journey that will change your life FOREVER. It is not for the faint hearted. It generally unearths the root cause of whatever is causing the issues you are having and at the end of the session it will be very clear what you need going forward.

£125.00 includes a copy of ‘Who are The Flowers in your Garden’ (worth £12.99)


Ideally the Discovery session needs to happen ‘face to face’ in Julie’s garden coaching room ‘New Dawn’ however; it is possible to do this over the phone or via Skype or FaceTime

Grow and Stay Strong Sessions Leaf

After your Discovery session Julie may recommend you have more coaching with her.

She will suggest how long she estimates this may be for and how often the sessions need to happen.

The idea behind these sessions is that at the end of your coaching journey you will have personally grown strong and have an ability in the future to use what you have learned along the path.


Baby Bio Boost Sessions flower (1)

These hour long sessions are generally for clients who have experienced Julie’s coaching before.

They give clarity; perspective and a positive boost of energy in your ‘garden’ when required.



These sessions can take place virtually via skype or the telephone or face to face in Julie’s beautiful coaching garden room called ‘New Dawn’

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