Who is Julie New?13932969_10208992748567723_934576679_n

Julie has been coaching professionally since 2006.

She specialises in relationship and lifestyle coaching and delivers her own unique brand and style based on her analogy of life being like a ‘garden’. She is very honest with her feedback and enables you to confidently move forward on your ‘garden path’.

When Julie works with you, she uses her intuition and what she gives you is a chest full of treasure; invaluable and priceless. As a coach she will ask probing, sometimes difficult and life changing questions.

J2016hc-1ulie is completely sincere and genuinely wants to reach as many people as possible to help them to make the changes they need in their lives. She exudes what psychologists call unconditional positive regard and is genuinely interested in the people she meets, she values them, no matter whom they are and she is driven to make things better for them. You never quite know where you are going to land up being with Julie, but you can be guaranteed it’ll be a great experience!

She is kind, loving effervescent and fun to be with and uses her own life experiences (which have been challenging) to help provide you with the support you need in your ‘garden’ (life).


Why the Sunflower?

In 2008 a talented graphic designer created the orange sunflower brand for Julie’s personal coaching business.

It reflected Julie’s warm vibrant energy. She stands tall in adverse weather conditions; turns positively towards the sunshine, and like you needs regular ‘watering’.

Her coaching business became a special place, inspiring and helping people. She is passionate about personal growth and developed an analogy that relationships and life is like a garden. She published a book in May 2012 called “Who are the flowers in your garden” expanding on this theme and offering practical suggestions for change