What do our clients say?

“Nothing quite hit the button like the advice I was given by Julie….”

Julie came to my rescue several years ago when I was going through a rough period in my life. I had already tried counselling and psychiatry but nothing quite hit the button like the advice I was given by Julie. The others taught me coping mechanisms to get through the day but Julie taught me how to start living again and to begin to be strong for me, to turn around my life of giving out and link it with giving to myself as well.

Several years on the new me is still apparent, the catalyst to that traumatic time has resolved and life for me is a whole load happier. I know what makes me happy, what makes me tick and I am not afraid to express it! Life since has not been without traumas of a different nature but I have been able to almost unwittingly cope with these with greater strength due to the good foundation that was built during my life coaching sessions with Julie.

tulip  Jane

“Thank you so much Julie for your help and incredible understanding”

My life was very stressful for many years. I had a relationship with someone who liked to control using violence. I found the strength to leave him, but his control still carried on for 14 years. He wanted me and my son’s house and I felt like I was fighting a losing battle.

Then I met Julie and decided to book an appointment with her. l wasn’t sure if it would help. Wow, yes it did. She understood, had time to listen to me and suggested options.

l went away feeling great, very positive even though I had cried in the session. After a few months I went back to see Julie, things had changed in my life and I still have my down days but she made me realise l have to make time for myself and not let things get to me. Thank you so much Julie for your help and incredible understanding.

rose flower  Bev


“I had reached a point in my life where I was ready to invest in myself”

Signed off work suffering stress and “burnt out”, I was undergoing counselling and although physically on the mend, mentally I was still very fragile.

Then came a chance meeting (some might say fate!) with Julie New. Julie instinctively saw that underneath my fragility was an inner strength and that I had reached a point in my life where I was ready to invest in myself. That investment started with life coaching sessions with Julie.
It is only a matter of months since those sessions but it seems a lifetime ago. I can’t describe what a difference Julie has made to my life, my journey, except to say that she waived her magic wand and Hey Presto I found that inner strength.

I am beautiful, kind, caring, funny, strong and totally unique!. I am an expert in my field at work and can do anything if I put my mind to it. I have always been all those things I have just mentioned, but I needed Julie to help me realise it and appreciate myself.



‘It is through her coaching skills, empathy and wisdom that I am now thriving…’

I was recommended to contact Julie at a very difficult and what I felt was a hopeless part of my life.

Through coaching, she walked me through ,thoughtfully and gently ,to positive perspectives and into hope and a belief in myself and how to care for myself. I am now fulfilling my dream of contributing to making a difference to the vision of children in Ethiopia.

Her energy and commitment to me has flourished into this work and it is through her coaching skills, empathy and wisdom that I am now thriving

I would recommend Julie as the Sunflower she is – spotting where the Sun is shining in your life even though you may feel you cannot find it. Julie combines astute practicality, support and compassion plus a vast experience of coaching skills and life skills and know you too will flourish if you make contact with her.

Tree  Usha 


“Coaching is for everyday people, with everyday issues…”

I first met Julie at a business networking event back in the summer of 2013 following a divorce, loss of my business, change in my career, a series of failed relationships and two sick parents. These life changes knocked me for six and impacted on my self confidence and how to move forward with my life. I was instantly drawn to Julie and have now been having a regular coaching sessions for the past 2 years. Coaching has enabled me to spend time on myself and value its importance. It has positively turned my life around and given me clear focus, direction and actions to make changes for good.  Julie has a natural gift in identifying what people need to be the best in their world. Before meeting Julie I thought coaching was something for the rich and famous.  This is not true. Coaching is for everyday people, with everyday issues that can affect anyone at anytime and who need that extra little bit of loving support at a time of change in their life.

Pollen_Flower  Nikki