A spa day for your soul

“For me, Rise and Shine 2018 was a rare creative space to take time out to reflect, to exchange thoughts, be gently entertained and to support and feel supported by the new friends that I made in a comfortable and safe environment. It should be available on prescription!”

Sarah Free

Saturday 23rd March 2019

10am until 4pm

When’s the last time you had a whole day, thinking about positive things that will help you going forward?

Have you ever been to an event where the whole emphasis was on how you could feel better about yourself and your life?

Can you remember an event where every single person was compassionate, kind and easy to get along with?

Rise & Shine 2019 will be about YOU having a day all to yourself, where you can relax and be inspired by lots of positive people and creative activities.

This is a day for anyone over 16 – male or female, young or simply young at heart. It will be a time when everyone will feel 100% welcome from the moment they arrive; be inspired by professional coaches, artists and other creatives; and meet lots of very likeminded people.

You’ll be able to try different workshops, listen to motivational talks and focus only on how and why you CAN feel better about yourself and your life.

We shine brighter together

Just about every person on the planet has had difficult times in their life. Some people seem to find it easy to start again, almost as if they have pressed a reset button. Julie has helped many people, who were struggling to see a positive way forward, to find their own reset buttons.

Rise & Shine 2019 is a relaxing day in a beautiful location. You’ll be joined by a group of likeminded people and professionals, all looking to support each other and YOU. You can spend a day free from the pressures of everyday life, enjoying personal motivation from others.

What’s included in the price?

  • A day in a calm environment, away from everything
  • Inspiring and motivational talks from coaching professionals
  • Live music, plus time to talk with the singer/songwriter
  • Creative workshops, with no pressure to join or perform
  • Plenty of time to relax and chat with other attendees
  • Light refreshments throughout the day, a yummy lunch …. and cake (of course)
  • Going-home goody bag, as well as the chance to stay in touch with others
  • No hidden costs – nothing extra to book or pay for on the day

It was a surprising day – some very moving moments hearing the inspirational stories of others and having a chance to play and tap in to our creativity. If I was to sum this day up it was surprising, nurturing, and inspiring.

Maria Costello

Take five minutes out, sit back and enjoy this short video, to get an idea of Rise & Shine 2018:

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