Your Life Gardening Club

Your Life Gardening Club HeaderGrow together in the garden!

I am so excited to be creating events again that inspire; motivate and connect you with other amazingly creative; kind; compassionate and giving ‘Forever flowers and trees’.

The Life Gardening Club events will take place on the last ‘Keep watering YOU Wednesday’ of the month (dates below) in Hertfordshire, UK. A warm welcome from me awaits you along with a glass of our special signature ‘Forever flowers cocktail’ (non- alcoholic).

You can attend all 3 or just 1 as they are designed to be attended as stand alone events.

The evening will take us on a journey together and you will leave with a smile on your face; some personal growth; light bulb moments and connection with each other that may last a lifetime.

Feedback from our very first event (31 May 2017): ‘Thank you Julie for last night. I found it such a positive experience. Have just woken from the most refreshing night’s sleep I’ve had in a very long time!

Venue: New Dawn Room, Letchworth

Time: 7pm for 7:30pm start 9:30pm finish

Price: £15.00 per person.

Book your place below:

‘Your Life Gardening Club’ Event Dates …

2019 Dates –

Spring Summer – YOUR Life Gardening Club Dates

Wednesday 26th June 2019


Wednesday 31st July 2019


All 3 Dates: May, June, July 2019


The Story behind ‘Forever Flowers’:

Julie eventually had to stop working for a couple of years after spending far too long on Planet Grief. On announcing her departure a small group of people she had inspired and motivated over a number of years asked if she could keep them connected during her break?

She gave it some serious thought and decided to use Facebook as a platform. She figured that it would be a good place as you can create a private group. Julie piloted the group for 3 months with 50 women and promised to post there 3 times a week. Her business was originally called ‘Changes Forever’ and during a break shortly after her husband died in Barbados she saw a SIGN!

forever flowers image

She exclaimed to her two daughters Amy and Polly ‘It’s a sign’!

As usual they groaned! However, a picture was taken and stored for just a moment when you are starting a group of incredible people and need a name for said group.

So, ‘Forever flowers’ it was and has now become ‘Your Life Gardening Club’.

4+ years later and the group has continued to grow and Julie is still keeping her promise to motivate; inspire and connect through the private group page. She realizes that not everyone uses social media and so it is now possible to join this amazing group here where you will receive ongoing inspiration and details of what is going on.

Over the years we have worked on what makes us a ‘Forever Flower’ (Forever Facts Quotes).

Are YOU a ‘Forever Flower or Flower pot man’?

The club is FULL of kind; caring; sensitive people who have a deep empathy for others and you are very welcome to join Julie in the ‘Your Life Gardening Club’ HERE

Membership to the ‘Your Life Gardening Club’ is completely FREE!